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Hagop, my father, started the business as a skilled goldsmith in a small shop in the old city of Jerusalem. He hand crafted unique pieces of jewelry for tourists visiting the Holy Land. It was 1968.
As demand increased working capacity was not able to meet the demand, therefore he decided to open the first jewelry casting factory in the West Bank, so he would be able to produce one unique piece as a model and reproduce many similar pieces by casting.
Casting needed a larger workshop and machinery, so he moved to Bethlehem where space was available and more affordable than Jerusalem. It was 1973.

From a very early age my father used to take me to the gold factory, he taught me all the skills. And since 1993 I run the factory with my father and we share all the decisions that needs to be made.

During all these years we gained a lot of experience in making jewelry, we added many models but some of the models my father crafted 40 years ago we still produce. We added new machinery and started also to produce many items by stamping so we can produce in larger quantities.

In 2007 we moved to a new place also in Bethlehem and we built a new factory and add computerized machines. Today we have 20 skilled employees working for us. And we make fine items in silver, gold 14k, gold 18k, and diamond jewelry. Our main production is all types of religious (christian, jewish, and islamic) items for tourists who visit the Holy Land, but we also make other jewelry like sets, pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Plus we make special hand made jewelry on demand.

Our jewelry are found in souvenir shops all over the Holy Land.