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Lil boosie situation starter

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And the pitchers they all dead richard jackson he gonn Brunson he locked up and sneeds done came home The weed done came strong on my side of the track I lay down law like judge judy and ain't none fuckin with dat And I talk to these niggaz just like t handle these niggaz juss like you Test my niggaz heart out to see what dem boys bout I got sum bitches out here daddy you would love ta fuck And I'm a grand nigga ain't none fuckin with us I'm a situation starter I got it from my father, I don't act like this I'm built like this, A situation starter I got it from my father, I'll lay yo ass down an I put that on my daughter. I gotta tell ya daddy mamma got a friend, But ain't no nigga movin in and I gave tq the benz And kirby still my friend, we thuggin till the end They got sum purple shit now daddy make a nigga head spin Daddy put me in that water With a.

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