Stronghold 2 evil mod download

Stronghold 2 evil mod

Name: Stronghold 2 evil mod

File size: 66mb

Upload: 28.12.2017

Language: English

Rating: 7/10

File format: AVI



You can download stronghold 2 evil mod on the site

Templar Crests I found some crusader and templar crests so i thought why dont i upload them so that everyone could have them: For Crest and Country Most of these crests started out as crusader crosses but i instead found some crests which i liked so i put them into a different series of colours, i also included my countries flag and some stronghold 2 characters crests. Archers Spearmen Pikemen Crossbowmen Macemen Swordsmen Laddermen And Knights Detailed instructions on installation are included in the mod aswell as some known issues with it and certain other, quite important, info.

 |  Category: Strategy