Hobbit 48 fps trailer download

Hobbit 48 fps trailer

Name: Hobbit 48 fps trailer

File size: 756mb

Upload: 23.6.2015

Language: English

Rating: 7/10

File format: EXE



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I don't think it's a matter of being used to it, I think that even though our eyes may technically see at a rate higher than 24 frames, the motion blur and other ancillary factors of our vision make 24 frames a second closer to how we actually perceive the world. So it doesn't look exactly how it would look in the theaters but it's a close approximation. It allows the director to have more tools in his toolbox, and if a director like Scorsese can use 3D in an artistic way that enhances the film despite a large portion of the populations hatred for 3D , then a skilled director can take 48fps and use it in a way that does not seem forced and gimmicky.

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